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Welcome to DasFlores

As you navigate these pages, we hope you will begin to get a sense of who we are as a community and the values that are so important here in Flores. The island of Flores is one of the world’s greatest environmental treasures, filled with a vibrant community, alive with intellectual energy and dedication of its members. Das Flores represents the integrity of the pristine nature of the island and the spirit of its people. Das Flores also wishes to extend an invitation to outstanding individuals to join a remarkable community of artists, intellectuals, and a culture deeply committed to nature and expanding the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding. Flores is a place that will shape by your presence as you form and test your own ideas, learn from peers, and expand your intellectual horizons while perfecting your passion.

Join us in unparalleled beauty with individuals of outstanding ability and creativity, focused on becoming the best of themselves for the benefit of others. 

Choki is a non profit organization founded with the mission of supporting extraordinary individuals’ passions for the benefit of all at the expense of none with current projects involving environmental conservation, cultural economic sustainability, and education.  Choki wants to accomplish a world of “I believe,” by inspiring people to follow their passions with integrity for all life.

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Media & News

Açoriano Oriental
These islands are treasure and must be treated as such.

Morgan Murals
Birds, Flowers and Karma: Dreams Do Come True.

Morgan Murals
Birds, Flowers and Karma: Dreams Do Come True.

Floral Daily
Documentary shows off UNESCO Flores Island Mural Project.

Floral Daily
The potential of value-added flower farming on Island of Flores.

Time Piece
New Azores Art & Environmental Documentary Brings the Beauty and Experience of UNESCO Flores Island.

Annual Garden Competition
First Annual Garden Competition in Santa Cruz das Flores

Ilha das Flores Blog

International Artist to paint murals in Flores Island.

Açoriano Oriental

Mission Accomplished: Over 700 plants to reforest Santa Cruz.

Correio dos Açores 

Venezuelan seduced by Flores Island and moved to the best place in the world.

Jornal Mapa

Official Distributor of Mapa Journal in Açores.

Visao Magazine – Azores Special Edition

Everything produced in Flores is incredible.

​Açoriano Oriental

Choki Azores seeks sustainable economic development opportunities at European Union​ Conference.